We are a shakin’ things up around here!  We are so excited to welcome several new volunteers at Save the Cord Foundation who are passionate about telling you and others about the life-saving benefits of cord blood and how it is collected, saved, donated and put to use everyday!  We’ve been so motivated by their passion for the subject that we have let them set up a brand-new, shiny website where they can talk, talk, talk about cord blood all day long!  Join us in the discussion now!

Check out our new and super cool blog for Cord Blood Girls (and Guys) on Tumblr!!!  

Just click here:  http://cordbloodgirls.tumblr.com/


Meet the Author of Birth this Friday, July 22nd, at Ventana medical center! Link to follow.

Don’t forget that July is cord blood awareness month!!!

Cord Blood Girls is now open!!  Hope everyone had a safe, happy 4th of July!!!

Welcome to Cord Blood Girls!

This program will be launching soon. Please check back for updates.

Thank you!